Mighty Patch Review

[unpaid/sample] It’s not all glamour here, you know! I’ve been absolutely plagued by a horrible pimple on my chin for about three weeks now. It appeared just after Dora was ill so I put it down to a stress spot but it just hasn’t disappeared. It partially healed but then there was just a lump, still red but not angry, still there. So, at CEW when a packet of Mighty Patch came my way I thought I’d just give it a go and see what happens…

Mighty Patch Review

I’ve got the original Hero Mighty Patch – it’s a hydrocolloid dressing, often used medically to aid wound healing by forming a gel to create a moist environment to heal the skin. The Hero Mighty Patch absorbs any gunk that might lead you to squeezing and damaging the area around the spot. I’m guilty of that and one of the reasons it looks so bad. I can’t believe how well the patch worked – there was indeed a lot of, er, stuff, that the patch took care of and obviously I was very pleased to be rid of it. It’s not necessarily an overnight fix – some spots are going to take a couple of days (or more) to really clear out and then there will still be some redness, especially if you have picked at it.

Mighty Patch Review

You’d ideally use the patches overnight, although I went out on Saturday with one stuck to my chin and nobody noticed because they are as discreet as it’s possible for these things to be. They’re sort of clear so will mimic your skin tone (although there needs to be more of a shade selection) and turn white when it’s time to take the patch off. The idea is that you never get to squeezing point because the dressing does the clearing for you – it’s just a much kinder (to your skin) way to deal with any blemishes. Hydrocolloid dressings often use gelatin but Mighty Patch doesn’t so they’re fully vegan. At £6.39 for 20, these are well worth having in your beauty SOS bag. I so rarely get spots and this one has been an unwelcome surprise made only mildly better by giving me reason to be able to review these patches properly :-). They’re HERE.

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