Spring 2021 Nail Colors: 7 Color Combos for Your Fingers and Toes

In my life, I historically get overwhelmed when choosing my meals at a restaurant and my nail polish. I can spend a lot of time going through my choices and end up picking something I don’t really want at the last second, only to regret it immediately. Choosing a shade for both my fingers and toes makes it even more challenging for me.

You can always match your manicure and pedicure, but sometimes, two different yet complementary colors are much more fun. With sandal season approaching, our toes are about to be on display, offering another opportunity for a different color. Looking to kick off your spring manicure and pedicure game on the right foot? Try one of these fail-safe color combinations:

1. Sky blue and pale pink

Nothing says “warm weather” like pastel colors, and this combination is as dreamy as they come. Opt for a blue shade with purple undertones to avoid a gender reveal look.

Pear Nova in Sky Blue Creme

Essie in Ballet Slippers

2. Bubblegum pink and mint green

Celebrate two of this season’s hottest colors by pairing them together for an irresistible manicure and pedicure duo. Bubblegum pink is a perfect pop for your toes, and mint green is a great departure from a nude manicure for something more seasonally appropriate.

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