Drybar Final Call Frizz & Static Control Spray Review

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I cannot tell you how long I’ve been waiting to test this mist on static, one of the most annoying hair issues ever. For no reason whatsoever, yesterday was the day when I was given the normally very much unwanted hair static so I could run it through its paces. I have a bit of an aversion to having any stuff in my hair – I can always feel it and the minute I’ve slept on it – be it gel, hairspray or root lifters – I look quite mad. With my curly but I straighten it hair, there’s no rescue and it just has to be washed all over again. So, I was trepidatious about using this because I only washed my hair the night before.

Drybar Final Call Frizz & Static Control Mist

The premise of the formula is to create a water resistant barrier on the hair that prevents it from frizzing up or becoming static. The blend of Monoi oil, coconut milk and vitamin E keep the hair soft. So, although I’m not quite sure of the ins and outs of the ‘barrier’ we can be assured that it starts with alcohol denat or denatured alcohol which is a common enough ingredient in hair products. It is drying, but balanced in this formula with oils, so as long as it’s not in every day use, it doesn’t worry me to use it. Products that make your hair do things it doesn’t want to are almost always going to need to bring in the big ingredient guns. So, does it work? Bottom line is yes it does – and miraculously, it’s weightless – I honestly don’t know it is there. I put Final Call through its yoga paces and a damp walk to and from and came home with hair pretty much as I went out. That’s all I need from this although it’s pleasantly scented in a soft florally sort of way. The downside is that Final Call is £25 which feels an awful lot for a product that for some, might be used often. You could easily pile your way through a can a month if you are static prone or fizz phobic and that’s more than it costs to insure Dora each month! It’s HERE.  I noticed that the formula is using Behentrimonium Chloride which is often used as an anti-static so that’s something to look out for on your hair care ingredient listings in the future.

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