The 333 Method is Proof You Only Need 9 Items in Your Capsule Wardrobe

I’ll admit, despite my efforts to live minimally, I tend to accumulate stuff. I envision having closets that aren’t overflowing and drawers that close easily, but I often find myself decluttering every few months for my own peace of mind. Part of the problem is my job—I constantly test fashion and beauty products and end up with new items regularly delivered to my door. However, a big part of it is in my control. In 2024, I made a resolution to break this cycle and maintain a curated closet with quality pieces throughout the year, without the need for frequent donation drop-offs. That’s when I discovered a TikTok trend that resonated with me: The 333 Method.

The 333 method is like a mini capsule wardrobe. You select three tops, three bottoms, and three pairs of shoes, then challenge yourself to create various outfits with just those nine items. This concept was popularized by TikTok creator Rachel Spencer, whose nine-item fall wardrobe gained viral attention last year.


guys did i find the 12 3 30 of getting dressed??? 🤪 #capsulewardrobe #falloutfits #tryon

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Since then, Rachel has shared videos demonstrating the multitude of outfits you can create with just nine items—27 in total, if you revisit your elementary school math skills. This approach makes minimalism feel achievable, stylish, and far from dull. If you can fashion numerous looks from a handful of pieces, there’s no need for constant shopping sprees or excessive belongings, and the idea of overpacking loses its appeal. The outfits crafted using the 333 method are so well-curated and intentionally styled that the need for daily wardrobe rotation diminishes; versatile investment pieces are all you really need.

My 333 Capsule Wardrobe

White Shirt
Plus-Size Option

Plus-Size Option

Ballet Flats

Shoulder Bag

Denim Shirt
Plus-Size Option

Curve Option



Crewneck Sweater
Plus-Size Option

Black Jeans
Plus-Size Option



How I’m Styling My 333 Capsule Wardrobe

333 method outfits

I’m embracing the 333 method in my daily life, and it has revealed my true style preferences. I often feel compelled to wear something unconventional when getting dressed, but this approach simplifies the process. When I’m stuck on what to wear, I usually know what I want—it just seems too basic. By adding a layer or changing an accessory, a repeated outfit feels fresh and exciting. I haven’t traveled since adopting this styling technique, but next time I pack, I aim to be the traveler with a compact suitcase, as I’ve always aspired to be.

While the 333 method doesn’t explicitly include accessories, in my view, they play a vital role in outfit styling. I’ve been applying this method weekly, switching shoes and accessories as needed to keep things interesting.

The best part of this method for me is that it has diminished my urge to buy new clothes. My current pieces feel like new, and my personal style is showcased daily without being swayed by fleeting trends. When I do add to my wardrobe next, it needs to seamlessly fit into a 333 capsule like this (no more items that demand additional pieces for styling—I want everything to integrate seamlessly into my existing wardrobe). Personal style reigns supreme in 2024, and the 333 method is the key to discovering yours.

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