Trend Alert: This Nail Shape Is Replacing Almond As The Internet’s Fave

Attention all almond-shaped nail enthusiasts, we have some breaking news: A classic nail shape is making a comeback and it’s getting a lot of love. Short squoval nails (which are a mix between square and oval) are all over the place, from Rihanna’s Super Bowl announcement to Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS models. Even celebrities like Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, and other influencers are hopping on this trend in the new year. But why the sudden change? Well, we have a couple of theories, but for now, we’re breaking down the facts to explain why everyone is loving short squoval nails right now, and we’re also sharing 10 inspiration pictures that you can show your nail artist.

What’s the deal with short squoval nails?

Classic styles always come back around, and short squoval nails are no exception. This nail shape is timeless and easy to maintain, requiring little upkeep. Short nails are less likely to break or get caught on things, making them more practical and saving you from frequent trips to the salon.

Another advantage of short squoval nails is that they flatter everyone. They offer the elongating benefits of an oval shape, making your hands look long and feminine. While long nails make us feel great, we are embracing this short style for its ease, cost-effectiveness, and elegance.

How to get the look:

Whether you do your own nails at home or visit the salon regularly, achieving short squoval nails is easy and versatile. Here are a few ideas for your next manicure:

1. Barely there pink

Keep your nails looking effortless and feminine with a light pink shade.

2. Classic red

Pair a classic shade with a classic shape by opting for a true red.

3. Forest green

Looking for a moody shade to pair with an understated shape? This forest green will be your new go-to.

4. Pink French

Just because your nails are short doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Try a pink French manicure with an added lightning bolt accent.

5. Muted Blue

This short blue mani is giving “cool, calm, and collected.”

6. Fuchsia

Bright pink nail polish always turns heads, even on short nails.

7. Sage green

A soothing shade of green on an effortless shape is a low-maintenance yet trendy choice.

8. Sky Blue

This light blue shade is perfect for a warm weather getaway.

9. Chocolate swirl

This chocolate swirl mani is a perfect match if you’re into wearing brown everything.

10. Nude

A nude shade on a short squoval nail is the epitome of class and practicality.

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