Feather & Down Pillow Spray Duo

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Feather & Down has made a mark in the pillow spray market. They are gaining popularity, and some are even considering them as a replacement for the well-known This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray. Pillow sprays may or may not work for individuals, without a middle ground. They are not a cure for sleep issues but can enhance the overall sleep environment and contribute to self-care.

Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray Duo

I have found comfort in using the Breathe Well spray, particularly after a recent illness that led to nasal congestion. Its sharp and “medicinal” scent serves as a soothing placebo for my stuffy nose. Personally, I have a preference for spearmint over peppermint due to its gentleness and calming qualities. Despite this, the spray helped alleviate some discomfort associated with the cold. I have previously reviewed the Lavender & Chamomile version, which exudes a similar gentle and earthy scent promoting a sense of grounding and calmness. The set is currently available on Amazon for £6.50 here.

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