Beauty Business News March 2024

The fragrance sector continues to thrive, especially with niche brands leading the way in attracting investment. DS & Durga, established in 2008 in Brooklyn by David Seth Moltz and Kavi Ahuja Moltz, has been acquired by Manzanita Capital. This trend of niche and unique fragrances gaining corporate interest is likely to grow with brands like DedCool and Phlur following suit.

Coty has secured a licensing agreement with Marni to produce beauty products under the Marni brand name until at least 2040. This strategic move aligns with Coty’s shift towards luxury within the beauty industry. Furthermore, Coty plans to relaunch Marc Jacobs Beauty, set to hit shelves in 2025.

Estee Lauder Companies are refocusing after a 7% decline in net sales. In light of this, collaborations with designers like Shuting Qui and Sabyasachi Mukherjee aim to capture specific markets, diversifying their product offerings. Additionally, Estee Lauder recently faced fines from the UK government for labor practices.

Amidst beauty trends, Dove’s influence on children’s skincare preferences has raised concerns. Meanwhile, in the US, the collaboration between Hard Candy and Girl Scout Cookies for a makeup range has gained attention. As the industry evolves, questions arise about the appropriateness of certain beauty products for younger consumers.

L’Occitane Gift Sets 2023

Legal challenges within the beauty industry, such as L’Occitane’s lawsuit against a law firm over privacy concerns, highlight the growing complexities of consumer protection and data tracking practices.

SpaceNK faced scrutiny from the Advertising Standards Authority regarding a past competition, reflecting industry-wide challenges in ensuring fair practices and consumer transparency.

The Body Shop undergoes organizational changes and financial scrutiny, signaling a period of transition and uncertainty for the brand’s future. Meanwhile, environmental advocates like Greenpeace urge companies to adopt sustainable practices to reduce plastic pollution.

Recent demonstrations by Greenpeace outside Unilever’s headquarters highlight growing concerns over plastic waste and the need for corporations to prioritize sustainability in their operations.

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