Beauty Business News February 2024

Italian influencer and businesswoman, Chiara Ferragni, is facing legal issues after being accused of fraudulent activities. She promoted a charity initiative involving a pink pandoro that purported to raise funds for a children’s hospital in Italy. However, investigations revealed that the donations were pre-arranged, and her companies generated substantial profits from the collaboration, leading to fines and lost brand deals. Despite donating to the hospital, the incident has raised ethical concerns.

Cover FX, a beauty brand co-founded by Lee Graff and Victor Casale, was recently sold to AS Beauty, erasing Victor’s involvement. This move has sparked discussions about the changes in the company’s leadership and its future direction. Victor has since started a new venture, while Cover FX is refocusing its presence in the market with potential changes on the horizon.

The Body Shop at Home is ceasing operations by the end of February 2023, transitioning its consultants to digital roles due to the changing landscape of consumer behavior towards digital platforms. The move reflects a shift in how brands interact with consumers in today’s predominantly digital world, offering new opportunities for consultants to adapt to the evolving market.

The closure of Kinder Beauty Box, a subscription service, underscores the challenges faced by subscription models post-pandemic. Supply chain disruptions and changing consumer preferences have impacted the subscription box industry, leading companies to explore new avenues like product development to navigate the evolving market landscape.

L’Oreal’s focus on sustainability includes investments in water-saving technologies like Gjosa’s shower head, demonstrating a commitment to eco-friendly practices. Additionally, their innovative hair tool, the AirLight Pro, showcases efforts to reduce energy consumption in salon settings, highlighting a growing trend towards sustainable solutions in the beauty industry.

Neutrogena faces legal challenges over the labeling of its T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo, raising questions about the transparency of product ingredients in the clean beauty sector. This development signals an increased scrutiny on claims made by beauty brands, especially in the context of consumers’ growing interest in clean and natural products.

The Hut Group’s restructuring and automation efforts, despite strong sales, reflect the evolving nature of the beauty industry towards more efficient and technology-driven operations. The adoption of AI marketing and automation in the sector indicates a shift towards data-driven strategies and personalized consumer engagement approaches.

Puig’s strategic acquisitions, including skincare brand Dr Sturm, underline the company’s expansion in the beauty market and its focus on diverse brand portfolios. With notable acquisitions like Charlotte Tilbury and others, Puig continues to strengthen its presence in the industry by partnering with established and innovative beauty brands.

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