Zero Waste Paper Lip Balm Review

[purchase] I recently attended the Cute exhibition at Somerset House with my friend Carolyn to explore all things Kawaii. The exhibition, while enjoyable, had some missed opportunities in capturing the essence of brands like Hello Kitty. Despite this, I picked up a Moomin Zero Waste Paper Lip Balm from the gift shop.

Zero Waste Paper Lip Balm Review

The lip balm, flavored with strawberry, is tasteful and vegan-friendly. It is free of plastic, moisturizing, and palm oil, which is commendable. However, the user experience can be a bit challenging. The push-up mechanism, although functional, lacks a retractable feature, leading to excess balm protruding out. The push-up action requires some force, resulting in an uncontrollable amount of balm dispensed, highlighting the difficulty of creating plastic-free lip products.

Zero Waste Paper Lip Balm Review

While the absence of plastic in the product is appealing in principle, its practical use may feel cumbersome. The balm itself is of good quality, but the application could be smoother. Personally, I would have preferred it in a glass jar. To purchase this Moomin lip balm for £4.95, which is cheaper than at Somerset House, click HERE.

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