Living Proof Volume Gift Set

Living Proof Volume Gift Set

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] It took me a long time to warm up to Living Proof. However, persistence has paid off because there are couple of products from this brand that I wouldn’t want to be without.

Living Proof Volume Gift Set

I’ve been conflicted about volumising products – first believing everything I was told and next thinking they probably don’t work at all. Until now, I’ve never needed volumisers but my hair is less full than it was so I’ve been more tempted to try them and take them a bit more seriously. That said, I still think that the effects are initial and it’s still hard to find something that lasts unless you are prepared to get the hairspray out and use up the can. And, I still think that any effects come from the styling products rather than the shampoos because logically, what can a shampoo do in making your hair appear fuller? But, I can say that the Dry Volume & Texture Spray is quite magical in boosting up those roots, should you desire it. Below is a picture of my hair after using the shampoo and conditioner and I’ve got to admit that it does look a little bit more bouffy than usual!


I’m not saying there’s no point to the shampoo and conditioner because I think maybe in layers, they can be effective when finished with the spray and the brand uses lab testing to claim X2 the volume after washing and conditioning. I’m not clear what ingredients are the ‘volumisers’ in this but I’m guessing that it’s more that they’re ultra effective in getting rid of oils and residue which then allows your hair to be more bouffy because it’s not weighed down. They’re great products, regardless of volume production, and I’ll use them to the last. Thorough hair cleansing, hard water and no residue are this brand’s forte.

If flat hair is your concern, the spray will be your go-to – you can add it any time, not just after washing and drying, so if things start to go flat, a quick boost up will put it right again. The set costs £55 HERE. The products I’d put in any gift or stocking would be the Advanced Dry Clean Shampoo – a dry shampoo that will outperform almost any other. There’s a brilliant value set (above) worth £72 for £35 HERE containing the Dry Shampoo and the Advanced Dry Shampoo with a small size of the Triple Bond Complex. Forget it’s in a box and get it for yourself because that is a good deal.  My other favorite Living Proof product is  Triple Detox Shampoo – I dread running out of this because it’s such a profound hair cleanser that hair looks and feels instantly lighter and brighter. It’s often out of stock but there’s a £10 travel size you might like to try before committing to the £27 full size HERE.

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