Clinique Black Honey Revival

Clinique Black Honey Revival

[unpaid/sample/purchase/affiliate] The Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick saw a resurgence, going viral on TikTok and selling out completely, leading Clinique to release a new version called Pink Honey. This new version has a deep berry black drop that gives the lips a slightly vampy look, described as being as light as lip stains. The product is said to create lips that look like “you’ve just eaten a plum,” giving an alluring, subtly sexy appearance.

Clinique Black Honey Revival

The original Black Honey was developed in the 70s as a deep berry-hued gloss and was re-released in 1989 as a cross between a lipstick and balm, leaving a trace of color on the lips. The new Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask in Wisteria has similarities to the original Black Honey from the 70s.

Clinique Black Honey Revival

The writer expresses admiration for Tatcha balms, particularly a sample pot received a couple of months ago which is now available. Describing it as a nourishing balm, she recommends not being put off by its classification as a Lip Mask.

The swatches of the Black Honey and Tatcha Kissu Wisteria do not look very similar, but they both have the same grey/berry tone behind them. However, once applied, they look very similar.

This is Black Honey alone.

Clinique Black Honey Revival

This is Kissu Wisteria alone.

Clinique Black Honey Revival

When combined, both products appear very similar despite being texturally different. Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts on the original Black Honey. Tatcha Kissu in Wisteria is available for £27, and Clinique Black Honey is available for £21.60.

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