Blast From The Past : CliniqueFIT Make Up

Blast From The Past : CliniqueFIT Make Up

[unpaid/sample] I tend to keep product samples for a long time as you never know when they might come in handy – perhaps for a discontinued make up feature like this for example. I found a couple of the old Clinique Chubby Mascaras in Black Honey the other day and tested them out on Instagram – they must be at least 8 years old (don’t worry – it came straight off) and it made me wonder what else I had from Clinique that no longer exists. Lo and behold, CliniqueFIT make up.

Blast From The Past Clinique Fit Work Out Make Up

If your memory escapes you, CliniqueFIT was a collection of make up products designed to wear during your work out or any exercise in general. Its USP was long lasting and breathability – other products included a 24 hour mascara (how long do they think we spend on a treadmill!), the SPF tint above, a dry shampoo and a lip and cheek flush. There was some controversy over normalizing the need to wear make up during exercise, I remember.

Blast From The Past Clinique Fit Work Out Make Up

I looked back at my 2017 review and said then that the range should be viewed as ‘an accessory to an active life, not an exercise companion.’ Skin doesn’t need anything on it for exercise (other than SPF if you’re outside) and you don’t need lipstick for the gym! Athleisure, beauty-wise, never really took off because there isn’t anything, beauty wise, that can’t be adapted or decanted easily for the gym bag.

Blast From The Past Clinique Fit Work Out Make Up

I’ve got some of the SPF 40 tint on my hand (not my face) here and marveled at how liquid it was even after shaking. I think that must have been separation because nothing that thin can be SPF40. I remember that the lip & cheek product was more or less (or probably actually) Origins Pinch Your Cheeks in disguise (both brands owned by ELC) and at the time, Pinch Your Cheeks was completely (and suspiciously) out of stock, where the lip & cheek tint was in plentiful supply. Hmm! Do you have any much missed discontinued?

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