Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Trio Review

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I first wrote about this light up mirror for The FT How To Spend It in 2019 and I’ve loved it ever since. For complete disclosure, it was sent for review but the light up part stopped working after a year or so. At CEW a couple of weeks ago, I met the Simplehuman PR and mentioned it had stopped working so she sent me a new one. I have given the old one to one of my friends for her bathroom. The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Trio is what I use to do everything – my make up, touch ups, chin hairs, stray brows and fringe trimming. It is useful every single day one way or another.


The bottom line of the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Trio is that it simulates day light using surgical grade bulbs equivalent to 5,800 Kelvin. As a guide, a clear day outside without undue sunshine would be on average 5,500 Kelvin. Daylight simulation mirrors work by creating a halo of sunlight mimicking light. One side is fully magnified (I don’t use this side very often) and the other has a small half moon section that is magnified while the rest of the mirror is normal size. This is the bit where you can winkle out the most stubborn chin hair or spot any rogue nostril hairs as well as perfect your black liner.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Trio Review

In winter months, it’s been a blessing for foundation shade accuracy and close work and while it’s been a brilliant mirror without the light, I’m grateful to have a fully functioning lit mirror not least because it works on a sensor so as you approach it, the light comes on making it seem actively pleased to see you :-). Unusually for me, I’m going to say that the older you get the better the mirror you need becomes. Not just for the boring grooming practicals but for make up accuracy too – my sight is definitely not what it was so the little half moon magnifier is a godsend. Sometimes, when I record a reel, I pause it, nip over to the mirror to make sure I’m not going too awry and then come back to restart the reel.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Trio Review

As you can see my Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Trio is parked between the coffee machine and the George Foreman (hey, I never said it was glamorous here!) but it’s not usually – it usually sits next to my make up (which is next to the bread bin) to get the picture I had to move it. These mirrors are not cheap – this is £299.95 but Boots has it on offer at the moment for £269.95 HERE. It comes with a five year warranty – I didn’t try to replace mine because as it was a sample, I didn’t think I could – and given that it get used literally every day, several times a day sometimes, I feel it’s worth the spend for the reassuring accuracy that it gives.

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