Nails Inc Make Me Matte Top Coat Review

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Hate to the bearer of the – literally – dull news that it looks like matte top coats for nails are back. I remember them from the first time around and like the trend even less this time! It’s just sucking all the fun out of colour.

Nails Inc Make Me Matte Top Coat Review

A few years back there were all kinds of nail effects – I’m sure you remember Dior’s Snake Effect crackling glaze. I did quite love that at the time when my nails were beautifully long and strong. And who can forget the rippling effect of hovering a magnet over a special formula polish to create a 3D effect? At least I suppose there is minimal effort with matte – it’s just a top coat.

Nails Inc Make Me Matte Top Coat Review

More jolly are a couple of new shades – one Plant Power Polish and one Euphoria Highlight. Sky’s My Limit is the duck egg blue that I’d wear in a nano second but I suppose is appearing on the grounds that it’s Easter soon. The Euphoria Highlight is a multi-shimmer pink/gold top coat called Magic Does Exist. If you do like to pastel up your nails in time for the Easter holiday, these would be a top pick. Actually, I like the idea of Magic on its own just giving subtle glimmer in any sunshine.

Nails Inc Make Me Matte Top Coat Review

I’ve swatched them up on the nail wheel with and without the matte top coat. That gorgeous blue in matte is giving me municipal swimming baths vibes but in shiny it’s a little more Cote d’Azure. It’s just what happens when you take the light away from something. Actually, a small fact that nobody will know except nail artists and bloggers – all the nail wheels coming out of China (hard to get them anywhere else because that’s where they’re made) have more recently been made from a revised plastic material that… wait for it… mattifies anything you put on it from the underside, no top coat needed. It couldn’t be more annoying because it means I have to photograph very, very quickly before it sets and as you can see, it’s partially there in the picture. There’s no answer to this – I hate buying nail wheels in the first place because of the plastic but my reasoning has always been that they get used and used and used. I think I’ve only ordered three new sets in ten years but these aren’t fit for purpose really. Make Me Matte has yet to show up on the Nails Inc website, but Sky’s My Limit, £9, is HERE and Magic Does Exist, £9, is HERE.

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