Nails Inc Treatment Duos

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] These treatment duos from Nails Inc are priced at £10, which seems like a reasonable amount to refresh your nails. It’s nice that the brand acknowledges that you may have more than one nail issue to address.

Nails Inc Treatment Duos

The first duo is Gimme Strength x Better On Top. Gimme Strength promises stronger nails in 3 weeks and provides enough product to last beyond that period. It also gives your nails a subtle shimmer. Better On Top is a quick dry top coat that can be applied over your nails. A quick dry top coat is an essential product for many and ensures that your nails dry quickly. I once had an expensive pedicure where they didn’t use a quick dry top coat, and I had to wait 45 minutes in flip-flops before wearing my shoes again, which was quite frustrating.

Nails Inc Treatment Duos

The second set is Glow & Grow x Vit C Please Nail Treatment Duo. Glow & Grow leaves a clean, translucent pink finish on your nails, giving them a healthy and vibrant appearance. Vit C Please contains vitamin C and vitamin E for moisture for your nails and cuticles. While skincare ingredients may not be essential for nails, the products from Nails Inc are generally well-received. They offer benefits such as smoother cuticles, improved nail health, and a pinky glow finish. You can find these duos HERE.

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