Seabody Skin Care Review

Seabody Skin Care

[unpaid/sample] Seabody is a promising new brand that caught my attention. Dr. Helena MacMahon, the co-founder, showcased a strong passion and confidence in the brand and its ingredients during a recent meeting at CEW. Although I have only done a surface test, I wanted to highlight it here due to the brand’s potential. At its core is an ingredient called Fucoidan, extracted in a unique way that sets Seabody Skin Care apart. This compound is linked to the remarkable resilience of seaweed and is backed by extensive global scientific research with peer-reviewed publications confirming its benefits.

Seabody Glycan Enrich Moisturiser
Seabody Glycan Enrich Moisturiser Review

The standout product is the Glycan Enrich Moisturiser, featuring MaraFucoidan, a potent bioactive compound from brown seaweeds. This ingredient offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, being water-soluble to enhance formulation versatility. The moisturizer also contains vegan algal oil, ceramides, squalane, vitamins C and E, and Niacinamide. The texture is refreshing, lightweight, and a little goes a long way in application.

Seabody Glycan Enrich Moisturiser
Seabody Glycan Enrich Moisturiser Review

Improvements are needed on the website to provide more user-friendly information, focusing less on traditional anti-aging claims and more on promoting glow and skin health. The 25ml Glycan Enrich Moisturiser is priced at £34. If you’re considering a new day cream, Seabody is worth exploring.

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