Diptyque Do Son Limited Edition 2024

This article talks about the limited edition Diptyque Do Son fragrance for the year 2024. The original perfume remains unchanged, but the bottle now comes in a vibrant cinnabar red color, paying homage to tuberose.

Diptyque Do Son Limited Edition 2024

The new version of Do Son is a tribute to the origin of the scent and Vietnamese craftsmanship. It is inspired by the childhood memories of Diptyque founder, Yves Coueslant, in the seaside resort near Hai Phong, Vietnam, where his mother adored the local flowers, especially tuberose.

Diptyque Do Son Limited Edition 2024

Do Son fragrance is described as intensely floral with hints of rose, jasmine, and orange blossom, creating a delicate balance of sweet and floral scents. It also includes green notes, iris, benzoin, and white musk, providing a blend of freshness and floral sophistication.

Diptyque Do Son Limited Edition 2024

The Do Son fragrance captures the essence of spring and summer with its blend of flower notes and freshness. It offers a long-lasting scent, and only a small amount is needed for a lasting fragrance throughout the day.

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