Bold & Grit SOS Nail Care Pen

[unpaid/sample] I recently received a nail care pen, which I was excited about because I always struggle with my nails, even though they have improved with OPI Repair Mode. Despite that, they still require a lot of attention. Lately, I’ve been wearing nail polish, and my nails seem to be doing well with it. While I’m not familiar with the Bold & Grit brand, a quick online search revealed that it is connected to Joanna Silva, the founder of the serum-based brand Elan Skincare.

Bold & Grit SOS Nail Care Stick

Nail care pens are a valuable product category, although they are not as prevalent as other beauty products. This pen is designed for individuals, especially those with acrylic nails, to revive their nails between treatments. Its formulation includes nail-friendly ingredients like vitamins A, C, and E, with the standout ingredient being Mastic gum. Mastic oil, a resin, has components that can enhance keratin power, making it ideal for strengthening and thickening nails.

Bold & Grit SOS Nail Care Pen

I found the website slightly lacking in information. I usually look for the founder’s background to understand the product better, but in this case, I had to seek out that information myself. Knowing that it is associated with a reputable skincare brand adds credibility to the product. The Bold & Grit SOS Nail Care Pen is reasonably priced at £13.99 – I plan to use it on my toes starting now, with the hope of having nice-looking nails when I switch to open-toed shoes in the spring.

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