Skin Rocks The Gentle Acid Review

[unpaid/sample] This product by Caroline Hirons is a gentle exfoliating toner suitable for all skin types and ages (excluding very young skin) to enhance clarity and radiance.

This toner stands out for its gentleness, contrary to the misconception that effectiveness requires a burning sensation. Over-exfoliating can harm the skin, and this toner emphasizes sun protection as AHAs can increase sensitivity. It is recommended for once-daily use in either morning or evening, applied like any other toner – a few drops on a cotton or recyclable pad, gently smoothed over the face.

Combining AHA with PHA makes this toner unique, as PHA is gentler on the skin. The core ingredients include Mandelic acid, Lactic acid, and Gluconolactone, providing a glowing, smoother appearance, antioxidant protection, and increased hydration. Despite being cautious about altering my skincare routine, incorporating this toner has been effortless. Notably, even my sensitive neck has shown no adverse reactions. Another product from Skin Rocks, The Control Acid, caters to breakout-prone and oily skin types. Priced at £49, The Gentle Acid is available HERE.

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