Hello Kitty Geske Sonic Facial Brush Review

[unpaid/sample] The Hello Kitty Geske Sonic Facial Brush from Sally Beauty combines effectiveness with fun. This device reminds me of the potential that the Clarisonic had before it was discontinued. To fully utilize this model, you’ll need to be proficient in using apps and smartphones. Geske is a German beauty tech brand that has collaborated with Hello Kitty for this innovative product.

Geske x Hello Kitty SmartAppGuided Sonic Facial Brush 4 in 1

By using the accompanying app, you can receive customized skincare routines, guiding you step by step. This feature can help you stay on track with your routine and feel more motivated. The skin scan provided by the app offered favorable feedback on skin texture, fine lines, and eye bags.

Geske x Hello Kitty SmartAppGuided Sonic Facial Brush 4 in 1

Using the sonic facial brush for 30-second intervals can provide efficient cleansing and potentially toning benefits if the recommended routines are followed. The sonic vibrations aim to enhance blood flow and lymphatic drainage, improving skin texture and pore appearance.

Hello Kitty

The Geske app displays information on skin concerns, such as blemishes. The app offers various routines and their duration, helping users maintain a consistent skincare regimen with 23 available sessions for the Hello Kitty SmartAppGuided Sonic Facial Brush 4 in 1.

For testing, I used Fenty Melt Away Jelly Oil on damp skin and appreciated the pulsing sensation that felt like the device was effectively cleansing the skin. With 7,500 silicone touchpoints, this facial brush offers a thorough cleansing experience. This device is suitable for individuals who enjoy a structured skincare routine, appreciate technological advancements, and are fans of Hello Kitty. If you prefer simplicity or are not fond of Hello Kitty, this may not be the right fit. Available at Sally Beauty for £34.95.

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