Our Fashion Editor Created The Perfect Amazon Capsule Wardrobe

If you’ve been around here for a while, you already know how keen we are on the concept of capsule wardrobes—a closet full of items that can be mixed and matched with one another for an infinite amount of combinations and a permanent fix to your “I don’t know what to wear today” conundrum.

The overall concept of a capsule wardrobe can err on the side of pretty pricey; after all, the whole point is to make investments in pieces you know you’ll wear forever, and a lot of the time, that comes at a cost. But it’s 2021, which means that as quickly as we can Amazon Prime ourselves the dish soap we’ve been out of for five days too long, we can also order affordable, high-quality wardrobe investments to add to our capsules.

Don’t believe us? We’ve created an entire capsule wardrobe exclusively from Amazon. Trust us, nobody will ever be able to tell you got these pieces in the same delivery as your laundry detergent.

racerback tank
crewneck tee
ribbed turtleneck
puff-sleeved tee
crewneck sweatshirt
crewneck sweater
leather shacket
trench coat
black blazer
fitted joggers
knit pants
straight jeans
tank dress
leather joggers
maxi dress
white sneakers
slide sandals
heeled sandals
shoulder bag
tote bag

No matter if you’re going out for dinner, to the office, or running errands, a capsule wardrobe should be able to be mixed and matched to be transitioned for any occasion.


leather shacket /straight jeans / white sneakers / shoulder bag

There’s nothing we love more than a shacket, and this tan, faux-leather one holds the magic of versatility. Paired with casual jeans, sneakers, and a shoulder bag, it makes for the perfect upgraded-casual look.


crewneck sweatshirt/ knit pants / white sneakers / tote bag

2020 did nothing if it didn’t make us re-evaluate our athleisure choices and finally retire our old, ratty sweats. This crewneck-and-knit-pant combo is perfect for a work-from-home look that’s exclusively comfortable, but feels more put-together than usual. Need to leave the house? Top it off with white sneakers and a tote bag.


crewneck tee /leather joggers /slide sandals /shoulder bag

Mastering the concept of being effortlessly cool is no easy feat, but leather joggers can single-handedly get you there with no thought required. Paired with a T-shirt, casual sandals, and a shoulder bag, you’ll look like someone with somewhere to go—even if you’re just headed to Trader Joe’s because you ran out of pesto and peanut butter cups.


puff-sleeved tee /straight jeans /heeled sandals / crossbody

Once we’re back to the office, there’s no doubt that figuring out how to get dressed again is going to be a challenge, but this look might just be where we start. This puff-sleeved tee elevates anything it’s paired with, and the heeled sandals are perfect for dressing up or down (here we’re obviously dressing them down with the help of straight jeans). This brown croc crossbody bag finishes the look off with a chef’s kiss.


racerback tank /black blazer /leather joggers / white sneakers

There’s nothing that looks cooler than an all-black look, and this is one that we’d like to wear on repeat until forever. The leather joggers dress down and cool up the black blazer, and sneakers finish off this look that screams “cool girl headed to office with fabulous after-work plans.”

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