We Tried A Vegan Nail Polish That Dries in 3 Minutes and Lasts for 14 Days—Yes, It’s Magic

I love getting a dip manicure, but lately, I’ve been trying to save money and haven’t been able to indulge in my biweekly salon trips. I’ve been on the lookout for nontoxic brands that would allow me to achieve professional results at home and after discovering Dazzle Dry on Instagram, I was intrigued.

Dazzle Dry met all my criteria: it’s nontoxic/hypoallergenic, quick-drying, long-lasting, and cruelty-free. I’ve spent a lot of time searching for a nail polish routine that’s cost-effective and time-saving, but have been frustrated by my efforts resulting in chipping after only a few days. So, I was skeptical when I heard about another brand claiming a five-minute dry time and long-lasting results. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

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The complete system, including nail prep, base coat, top coat, and “revive” to maintain the integrity of the polishes, costs between $12 to $20. After reading positive reviews, I decided to try The System. The base coat, in particular, contains special polymers that help nails dry almost instantly without the need for UV lights used in gel polish. The complete system ensures that the manicure is long-lasting, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Dazzle Dry offers 148 different shades of nail lacquer. I chose “White Lightning” and eagerly tried it out after hearing great things about it.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It actually dries in less than five minutes, as promised. After I shared my positive experience, our beauty content manager, Beth, also tried the set and found that it dried in under three minutes—truly impressive. The polish lasted for two weeks without chipping, although it didn’t quite meet the three-week guarantee due to my frequent handwashing and activities at work. However, Dazzle Dry claims that the polish can last up to 30 days on toenails, and Beth confirmed this with no chips for an entire month.

I was impressed by the quick dry time, longevity, feel, and quality of this product. I will definitely be using Dazzle Dry for my future manicures.

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Dazzle Dry
The System

This contains everything you need for the perfect Dazzle Dry mani/pedi, including Nail Prep, Base Coat, Top Coat, and “Revive,” a liquid you can drop into your lacquers to give them new life if they become goopy.

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