This Viral Nail Technique Makes Your Manicure Last 5 Weeks

As someone who is always on the lookout for the latest beauty trends, I recently came across a nail care technique that has been making waves on social media: the Russian manicure. Known for its precision and long-lasting results, I was curious to learn more about this treatment and who it is best suited for.

For those who prioritize nail care, the Russian manicure technique stands out due to its focus on cuticle removal and nail sculpting. Unlike traditional manicures, this method emphasizes meticulous attention to detail and does not involve the use of water. The use of an electric file allows for precise removal of excess cuticle buildup and shaping of the nails, resulting in longer-lasting and cleaner nails. While the process may take longer and cost more than standard manicures, the results can last up to five weeks.

What Is a Russian Manicure?

Originating in Russia in the 1990s, the Russian manicure, also known as “dry” or “e-file” manicure, was developed by nail technicians seeking a technique that could withstand extreme temperatures and provide lasting results. The method focuses on precise cuticle removal and nail shaping, making it distinct from traditional manicures.

Are Russian Manicures Safe?

When performed by trained and experienced nail technicians, Russian manicures are generally safe. However, there is a risk associated with aggressive cuticle removal, which can potentially damage the nail bed and lead to infection. It is important to choose a qualified nail technician with specific training in Russian manicures and to avoid attempting this technique at home.

What To Expect When Getting a Russian Manicure

A Russian manicure involves four main steps: nail shaping, cuticle softening, cuticle removal using specialized tools, and nail buffing and painting. The final step includes hand and nail care, which provides a relaxing finish to the procedure.

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