Trends Come and Go, But These Are Our Editors’ Top 5 Closet Staples

Adding a new piece to your closet is a special kind of joy. You see it hanging in your closet, imagine how you’ll style it, and that first time you wear it out, it brings a boost of confidence that sticks with you all day. But there’s also a specific joy in the tried-and-true wardrobe staples that hang in our closets; those pieces that stick around and get constant wear because they’re just that good.

As proponents of shopping smarter, not harder, we’re all about being outfit repeaters (if you ask us, the more you can repeat wearing a piece, the better). Buying something and only wearing it once? Not chic. Having a closet full of pieces you can re-wear over and over and style in a million different ways? That’s more like it.

These are the pieces our editors wore on repeat during 2023 (and beyond), and that we’re excited to leave in our starting rotation for the new year. What can we say? They’re just that good.

Affordable cashmere

If there’s one gift that 2023 gave us, it’s the knowledge that quality, classic cashmere doesn’t have to come with the price tag you think it does. Plenty of brands are now offering uber-soft, capsule-worthy cashmere pieces at a cost that make the luxury much more accessible than it once was. We’re looking at it this way: rather than spending our coin on a couple of fast-fashion sweaters, we’re saving our funds and allocating them toward cashmere that’ll last.


Oversized Cashmere Cardigan

11 colors available

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