Silver Jeans – Yes You Can!

Silver Jeans – Yes You Can!

[unpaid/purchase/affiliate] Dora is now going to doggy day care one day a week so I can get some work done without feeling guilty – she loves other dogs so she has a wonderful time. I also managed to get down to M&S to have a try on – and ended up buying – of the silver jeans that I keep seeing. So, while this usually would go up on a Friday, I bought mine Monday and they were still in stock but now (Wednesday) I see some sizes are starting to disappear.

Silver Jeans

I mean, I am no master of the changing room selfie but the lighting is so bad!! I had ordered size 12R to try on in store as well as a black sparkly pair but they were very wrinkly and just looked wrong. Luckily the store had a 12S and they fit like a glove. I’m 5ft 3 and usually M&S short is just a bit too short for me so I wonder if they have changed how they size S and R.

Silver Jeans

The good thing about these M&S Ivy Skinny jeans is that the silver is not the oven-ready type – it’s more of a matte silver which feels more ‘me’ than flashy Bacofoil. They’ve got plenty of stretch to them so they’re really comfortable (and don’t rustle!) and have a day-to-day vibe, like lighter coloured jeans, so there’s no need to dress them up unless you want to. They’re £32.50 HERE which feels like a bargain for such an on-trend but wearable item and I absolutely love them. Please note, they look shinier on the M&S website than they look in real life. I think their natural partner is a black cashmere sweater (well, black any material sweater), just about any sweatshirt (yes, I bought that Snoopy Hoodie £29.50 HERE – love it and wearing it today!) and if you want to fancy them up, any shirt and black boots. They’re as easy to wear as your favourite jeans.

I guess a clothing item like this could be something you might think you can’t wear but you absolutely can – I mean you can wear the full foil if you want to but I think, particularly if you’re a bit older, your confidence in wearing something a bit different can wane. These are for any age and any size – you CAN wear the silver jeans and literally sod what anyone else thinks. They’re fun and joyful, stylish and elegant and they don’t need to do anything other than serve your own desire to wear them :-).

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