Going on a Trip This Summer? Our Travel Capsule Wardrobe Will Make Packing Easy

There are certain things in life that require a specific skillset, and at the top of that list is being a gifted packer. From our experience, individuals usually fall into one of two categories: They are either minimalists who are adept at efficiently packing their bags or they constantly overpack, stuffing their bags with items they don’t end up using (raises both hands). The solution? A travel capsule wardrobe.

Travel plans are back on the agenda for many of us, and if you’re fortunate, you have a trip planned that extends beyond just a weekend getaway. Packing for an extended vacation is a challenge. When you have to fit everything you’ll need for a week or more into a suitcase, a haphazard list in your phone’s Notes app won’t cut it—you need to bring out the big guns, and that’s where we come in.

If you’re part of the overpacking club or simply struggle to figure out where to start when planning for your trip, we have the solution for you. With a bit of strategy, a few versatile pieces, and our travel capsule guide, you’ll be packing fewer items but feeling like you have more to wear on your upcoming trip (yes, you read that right). Bon voyage!

Out to dinner

Vacation dinners are always a bit more exciting than regular dinners. After a day of exploration or at the beach, there’s nothing quite like returning home, taking a shower, getting ready, and heading out for the evening. An out-of-town dinner calls for a dress that makes a statement, and this breezy, cut-out number fits the bill. Paired with heeled sandals, you’ll look and feel fabulous for the special occasion.

tortoise sunnies |midi dress |midi dress (plus-size) |baguette bag |heeled sandals

For a day of sightseeing

Days spent exploring the town you’re visiting are always thrilling and can be a bit tiring, which means you need an outfit that will keep you comfortable no matter how much walking you do (or what the weather is like). We recommend chic linen pants, an easy bodysuit, flat sandals, and a belt bag that allows you to carry your belongings hands-free.

tortoise sunnies | bodysuit |bodysuit (plus-size) |belt bag |linen pants |linen pants (plus-size) |slide sandals

On a hike

Whether you’re someone who goes for a morning run during your trips (if so, we salute you) or you simply plan to do some nature walks or hiking, having athletic options in your suitcase is essential. Choose sneakers that you know can handle long distances and a workout set that can take you from the trails to the gym, depending on your plans.

baseball hat |aviators |workout set top |workout set shorts |gym shoes

For a touristy brunch

For a day out at a popular local brunch spot (hopefully with plenty of mimosas), this easy, one-shoulder dress will make you feel elegant while being forgiving and comfortable, no matter what you have planned for the day.

tortoise sunnies | casual dress |casual dress (plus-size) | baguette bag | slide sandals

For lounging by a bonfire

No matter what your trip involves, there will be nights when all you want to do is relax. Whether it’s by a bonfire, on the deck with a book, or just in your hotel room watching a movie, you’ll be glad you packed a comfy set that you can turn to time and time again.

baseball hat |ribbed tank |ribbed tank (plus-size) |hoodie |hoodie (plus-size) |sweat shorts |sweat shorts (plus-size)

Essential items:

ribbed tank |ribbed tank (plus-size)
halter top |halter top (plus-size)
bodysuit |bodysuit (plus-size)
smocked tank
embroidered shirt
hoodie |hoodie (plus-size)
denim shorts |denim shorts (plus-size)
linen shorts |linen shorts (plus-size)
sweat shorts |sweat shorts (plus-size)
workout dress |workout dress (plus-size)
casual dress |casual dress (plus-size)
workout set top |workout set shorts
ruched maxi
linen pants |linen pants
midi dress |midi dress (plus-size)
baguette bag
beach bag
belt bag
gym shoes
heeled sandals
slide sandals
tortoise sunnies
baseball hat

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