Need Mani Inspo? These 10 Trending Nail Colors Are Calling Your Name

Feeling stuck in a nail rut is no fun. When it seems like you’ve exhausted all the nail polish colors out there, and picking the same old light pink feels uninspiring, it’s time to turn to trending nail colors that are ready to rescue you from decision fatigue. With the abundance of nail ideas available online, thanks to platforms like Pinterest, you can easily find inspiration. After exploring the biggest spring nail trends, I have accumulated way too many bottles of nail polish, and now I’m excited to experiment with them all at home.

If you’re like me and longing for a change in your nail look, whether you decide to try them yourself or visit your nail artist, join me in exploring the most popular nail color trends of the season.

10 Trending Nail Colors We Are Loving RN

1. Electric Blue

Source: @lolo.nailedit

Blue is all the rage, and the easiest way to embrace this trend is by adorning your nails in this vibrant hue. Whether you go for a bold all-over look, a French style, or use it as an accent nail, it’s sure to make a statement.

… (Essie – Butler Please)

2. Lemon Lime

Source: @essie

Last year, neon colors were all the rage, and this year, we’re loving the return of these shades in a softer form. A lemon-lime shade can give you a fresh, summery look.

… (Essie – You’re Scent-Sational)

3. Classic Red


Perhaps it’s Taylor Swift’s Eras tour and her classic red lip that’s influencing this shade’s popularity this year, but it’s always a timeless choice. It’s bold and fun without feeling overly summery or holiday-themed—a perfect option for someone looking to appear more put-together.

… (Essie – Russian Roulette)

4. Neutral Pink

Source: @matejanova

The “clean mani” look is more popular than ever. Whether you’re heading to the office or out for a cocktail, this understated and classy mani is the perfect choice.

… (OPI – Bubble Bath)

5. Emerald Green

Source: gel.bymegan

Whether it’s the soccer sneaker trend or lucky girl syndrome, we’re loving the surge in popularity of emerald green this year.

… (Revlon – Posh)

6. Lavender

Source: @lolo.nailedit

Lavender is currently in the spotlight for good reason. It’s a fun and captivating shade that complements all skin tones, making it an ideal choice for summer 2023.

… (Sally Hansen – Traveling Light)

7. Shades of Pink

Every shade of pink is welcome, whether worn individually or all together. From bubblegum to fuschia, Barbie to millennial, we’re embracing every variation of our favorite hue.

… (Essie – Turn Up The Century)

8. Silver Accents

Silver is making a splash across fashion, makeup, and hair trends, and it’s set to make a major impact in the nail world too. Whether you opt for a metallic silver polish or add some silver rhinestones, this trend is perfect for experimenting with at home.

… (ZOYA – Alicia)

9. Soft Orange

Source: @lolo.nailedit

For those who adore bold colors, this softer hue is perfect for the season. It’s simple yet attention-grabbing and offers a smooth transition from the neon oranges we’ve seen in the past.

… (Essie – Outside The Lines)

10. Sage

If emerald green isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. This stunning sage shade is equally popular this year, and you can expect to spot it on the hands of the trendiest individuals on your feed all summer long.

… (Color Club – It’s About Thyme)

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