23 Nail Ideas To Help You Ring In 2023

By the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, the manicures we got mid-month for all of our holiday festivities have seen better days. They’re either chipping, gone completely, or we are totally over the style we’ve been staring at for two weeks. So what’s a girl to do? Since it’s still the holiday season, getting one last festive manicure is the way to go before starting the new year fresh with timeless shades like OPI’s Funny Bunny or Essie’s Marshmallow.

Whether you prefer to stay in on New Year’s Eve on the couch with friends and family or you like to dance the night away until the clock strikes midnight, this is your chance to pull out all the stops when it comes to sparkles and the shades we have been loving all year. Ahead, 23 nail ideas to ring in 2023.

1. Teal Shimmer

Green had a moment in 2022—we saw it everywhere from athleisure to handbags. So why not close out the year with this teal shimmer polish?

A post shared by Le’ana – Nail Art & Mani Inspiration (@lecame.shesaw.shepainted)

2. Dark Purple

This shade of purple that’s almost black makes us want to go to a NYE masquerade party. If you’re throwing one, send us an invite just so we can get this mani.

A post shared by LENOIR BEAUTY & MAKEUP 🌸 (@lenoirbeautyandmakeup)

3. All Black

Whether you plan on wearing a black dress or black sweatpants this NYE, this is the manicure you need to match.

A post shared by LENOIR BEAUTY & MAKEUP 🌸 (@lenoirbeautyandmakeup)

4. Graphite Sparkle

We’re loving this dark grey shade for NYE with sparkle on top. This mani has colorful mini sparkles, but you can do any color or chrome on top too!

A post shared by Le’ana – Nail Art & Mani Inspiration (@lecame.shesaw.shepainted)

5. Confetti Tips

Your nails will match the confetti in the air when the clock strikes midnight with these colorful tips on a classic nude manicure.

A post shared by Sarah (@heluviee)

6. Disco

Turn heads on the dance floor of any New Year’s Eve party with this silver disco-inspired manicure.

A post shared by Abi Markey (@naileditbeauty)

7. Bright Pink

Pink also had a moment this year, and this manicure screams “I’m here for the party.”

A post shared by Anastasia (@nailjoyable)

8. Black & Gold Sparkles

Black and gold are a dynamic duo any time of year, but especially on New Year’s Eve.

A post shared by Aanchal – Nail Inspo (@aanchysnails)

9. Rose Gold

Want to keep it classy but still have a little fun? This rose gold sparkle manicure is a perfect choice.

A post shared by Aanchal – Nail Inspo (@aanchysnails)

10. Subtle Gold Sparkle

If you like to keep it simple but want to kick it up a notch for the celebrations, add a little bit of gold sparkle to your bare nails and seal it with a top coat for some shine.

A post shared by @riyahtaylor

11. Classic Red

Sure, you can wear red polish any time, but it’s more fun during the holidays. Get one last red mani while you can.

A post shared by @riyahtaylor

12. Sparkly Pink

OK Barbiecore, we see you! We’re bringing all the Barbie-inspired manis with us into 2023, and you can’t stop us.

A post shared by @riyahtaylor

13. Sparkle Tips

Whether you’re a fan of silver or gold (or both!), you can rock this sparkle tips nail idea with any outfit.

A post shared by Le’ana – Nail Art & Mani Inspiration (@lecame.shesaw.shepainted)

14. Fresh White

Looking to start the year fresh? Choose this simple, clean, white manicure.

A post shared by The Mani Club (@themaniclub)

15. Royal Blue & Silver Sparkle

This is giving Taylor Swift’s Midnights. So naturally, it’s our favorite idea for NYE on this list.

A post shared by Le’ana – Nail Art & Mani Inspiration (@lecame.shesaw.shepainted)

16. Burgundy Shimmer

Over holiday red but still want some color? This darker burgundy shade with sparkles is a classic choice.

A post shared by The Mani Club (@themaniclub)

17. Silver Snow Tips

This manicure is festive and funky without being over the top with its shimmery tips and silver stripe.

A post shared by Abi Markey (@naileditbeauty)

18. Gold Foil

If you want to add some gold to your nails but don’t want to do traditional sparkles, we recommend an unexpected foil accent instead.

A post shared by Kimberley Oates (@kimberley_oates)

19. Metallic Gold

Skip the sparkles this year and go straight for a dramatic metallic polish on your tips or all over.

A post shared by Bryony Howell (@gelsbybry)

20. Starburst

This funky starburst nail pattern will earn you compliments on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and beyond.

A post shared by Samantha 🌹 (@samrosenails)

21. Gold Tips Accents

Step up a traditional french manicure with a little bit of gold sparkle polish. You can it to your tips, as an accent, or both.

A post shared by Bryony Howell (@gelsbybry)

22. White Swirls

These white swirl nails will make you feel fun, fresh, and ready for the new year ahead.

A post shared by THE NEW GENERATION OF BEAUTY (@staticnailsofficial)

23. Colorful Stars

Opt for subtle star accent stickers on a barely-there polish for a simple, festive look.

A post shared by ℑ𝔫𝔡𝔦𝔞 𝔍𝔞𝔡𝔢 💅🏻 (@talonsbyindia)

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