Friday Treat : Uniqlo Summer PJs

Friday Treat : Uniqlo Summer PJs

[unpaid/affiliate/ad] I was going to skip Friday treat this week but Lucy just wandered through in her Uniqlo pyjamas and said, ‘you should do these’… so here I am hastily throwing together the Uniqlo PJ edit! It’s fortuitous that she did because I’ve discovered Airism Snoopy PJs – 100% ordered!

Uniqlo Airism PJ

Uniqlo crops up a lot on this site because it’s one of my favourite places to shop. I really haven’t been in much of a shopping mood lately – the vibe just hasn’t been there (I went to Regent Street and Oxford Street on Wednesday and came home with nothing at all) – but it’s rare for me to leave Uniqlo without something in my bag! So, Airism is their cool-tech fabric – in their own words,  it ‘actively wicks away moisture and heat from skin. It’s highly breathable and quick-drying, with a smooth, light feel. Breathable Cupro fibres absorb and release sweat from the body.’

Uniqlo PJs

Realistically, on those absolutely baking, muggy nights nothing is going to properly cool you down, but I do find that Airism is helpful in regulating somewhat. It’s very ‘airy’ and soft and if you’re like me and literally cannot sleep without wearing something, it’s a helpful thing to have at hand.

Uniqlo PJ

Needless to say, there’s a pair in my basket. They’re £24.90 in sizes XS to XL HERE.

Uniqlo PJ

These are Lucy’s PJs (available in a grey colourway too shown in the main pic) and she loves them. They come in XXS to XXL. They’re a satin feel rayon blend (and believe me they are not sweaty or synthetic feeling) with a print from Joy of Print, Cath Kidston’s independent venture. They’re also £24.90 HERE. There are long leg versions too.

These are the long length Airism PJs for those who don’t want Snoopy on their pockets (although why would you not!!) in three colours – black, navy and pink in XS to XL and they’re £29.90 HERE.


I can’t go before recommending these trousers – in the sale for £14.90 HERE. They’re the lightest, airiest crepe jersey you’ll ever wear and stay cool on the hottest days. They’re not statement (and look horrible on the website) but they’re the kind of go-anywhere bottom half that you can fling on without thinking twice about it and still look put together. They’re tapered with an elasticated waist (thank goodness..!) and I’m wearing them with a linen top from H&M (also in the sale (£13) but only available in a size M HERE). The only thing I would say about them is that I’m 5ft 3 (nearly 4) and they’re a perfect fit length wise – so if you’re tall I think they won’t be long enough. I’m ordering a second pair.

Non affiliate link is HERE.

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