Hiii, Spring: The 10 Coolest Nail Colors to Try Right Now 💐

There’s nothing that feels quite as fresh as a new manicure—especially during the beginning of spring when brighter shades of polish start to make an appearance. After months of deep shades that matched the drab days of winter, the right of passage that is a new season’s manicure is just what we need as the weather starts to warm up in the spring. From bright greens that remind us how green the grass will be once the snow melts to shimmery pinks that make us want to order a grapefruit cocktail on vacation, spring nail colors are here to help us celebrate warmer days ahead. Kiss dreary winter tones goodbye, and say hello to spring 2023’s full lineup of bright and pastel tones, plus a few unexpected additions.

1. Lemon Lime

Last year, we saw bright neon green take the stage, but in 2023, the shade of green we are seeing everywhere is softer with a spritz of citrus. This lemon line shade is eye-catching without feeling “in your face,” which is why it is our #1 pick.

Hiii, Spring: The 10 Coolest Nail Colors to Try Right Now 💐
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2. Nude

The clean-girl aesthetic is still going strong, and this barely-there yet polished manicure is just what you need to round out the look this spring. While it’s not one of the spring nail colors you would anticipate, it’s equally as fresh.

Marshmallow nail color

3. Tropical Pink

Pink will never go out of style, especially on the nails, but this tropical grapefruit-esque version is the cool-girl way to wear it this spring. This fun shade is a welcomed change from classic pink but it is just as bold and will go with any bathing suit you pack for vacation.

Peach Side Babe nail
Peach Side Babe

4. Lilac Blue

Pastels are a sign that spring is here, and with that, so are blue skies. We love this soft shade of blue with a hint of lilac, especially now that all shades of blue are trending.

Sk8 With Destiny
Sk8 With Destiny

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