These Winter Nail Colors Will Make You Want to Ditch Your Gloves

Winter is the perfect time for a fresh nail design. The cold weather and dry skin make a manicure feel extra special, and there’s nothing quite like revealing a gorgeous set of nails when you take off your gloves. The months between January and March can be confusing when it comes to choosing a nail color; it’s the time when we have the most freedom to experiment.

We’ve put together a list of 10 trendy yet chic winter nail colors to consider for your next manicure in 2024. From sparkling black and icy neutrals to glowing peach tones, these shades will make you want to show off your nails all winter long.

Shimmery Black

Source: @matejanova

This shimmery black look gives you a night sky effect on your nails, making it a great choice for 2024. It features gold sparkles embedded in the black polish, eliminating the need for an uneven topcoat.


“Sparks” Natural Nail Polish

Icy Sparkle

Source: @matejanova

This neutral, shimmery shade offers a subtle sparkle, fitting perfectly with the trend of icy nails for this winter. It’s ideal for a glossy yet understated look.


“Gloss” Natural Nail Polish

Light Blues

Source: @matejanova

This year, light blue and periwinkle shades are set to dominate everything from eyeshadow to nails. Embrace this trend and opt for winter blues, but in a good way.


Blue Periwinkle Nail Polish

Dark Grape

Source: @paintedbyjools

Go for a deep, moody grape color to add some drama to your winter look. Whether you’re channeling villainous vibes or simply want a striking color, this shade is perfect for the darkest months of the year.


Purple Underground Nail Polish


Source: @matejanova

Frosted shades, including gold, are trending for 2024. A gold nail color is neutral enough to complement any outfit, yet sparkly enough for an awards season watch party.

Deborah Lippman

Gold Frost Nail Polish

Classic Cherry Red

Source: @gel.bymegan

This bright cherry red is a perfect choice for the transition between the holiday season and Valentine’s day. It’s a classic color that’s great for testing out the red nails theory during the single months of January and February.


Cherry Red Nail Polish

Glowy Neutral

Source: @paintedbyjools

If you love “old money nails” or anything that exudes quiet luxury, this shiny neutral nail shade should be your go-to for winter manicures. It’s simply that good.


Bubble Bath Nail Polish

Brown Shimmer

Source: @matejanova

This shimmering brown color adds a fun yet neutral vibe to your manicure. It’s the type of shade that will have you taking nail-and-latte selfies for days.


Bronze Nail Polish

Subtle Glitter Details

Source: @matejanova

Although not a specific color, this combination of a neutral nail with gold detailing is a trendy choice for 2024 winter nails. Consider adding a sparkly gold topcoat to your favorite neutral shades for a touch of glamour.


Gold Shine Finish

Pantone Peach

Source: @nailartbyqueenie

With Pantone’s announcement of “peach fuzz” as the color of the year for 2024, a peach nail polish is a great way to embrace this trend ahead of the spring and summer seasons. Stay ahead of the game and sport peach nails before it becomes a widespread trend among your friends.


Peach Nail Polish

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