9 Vacation Nail Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like the Main Character

Summer’s coming in, which means warm-weather activities are making a comeback, our summer wardrobe is getting a refresh, and our nails are transitioning from the subdued colors of fall and winter to the lively, vibrant nail ideas that are all over our Pinterest boards – especially if a vacation is on the horizon. Go to your nearest drugstore and grab a variety of quirky shades and funky press-ons because your summer trip deserves a fresh manicure. Whether you prefer to do your nails yourself or never miss a manicure appointment, the nail ideas below are just what you need before you take off on your next vacation.

1. Classic Neutral

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Neutral nails might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a “vacation manicure,” but hear me out. If you choose a classic neutral shade that matches your skin tone, you won’t be able to tell if your nails grow out or chip while you’re on vacation and unable to get to the salon for a fix. Plus, they’re timeless and sophisticated – you really can’t go wrong.

2. Euphoria Nails

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While we have some time before the next season of Euphoria, the beauty looks aren’t losing their momentum. Now, it’s time for the nails to shine. Find inspiration from your favorite character and just go for it!

3. Almond Tips

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For a cooler and more flirtatious look, almond nails are the perfect go-to. If you’re up for an adventure, add a different pop of color to each nail or a gold tip like the ones above.

4. Holographic with A Side of Shimmer

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Anything holographic is taking the spotlight this summer. From subtle shine to full-on futuristic, this trend is back and better than ever. If you’re headed somewhere sunny, these nails will catch the light and turn heads everywhere you go.

5. Layered Neon

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Horizontally, vertically, or however you like it, this pattern exudes main-character energy before and after the airport. From lively oranges to vibrant greens, it’s sure to be the change you’re looking for.

6. Minimalist Manicures

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The internet has been abuzz with minimalist looks featuring easy-application stickers, cute designs, and soft colors to create a simple yet creative look. Grab your favorite polish and let your inner artist take over to try this at home, or show this to your manicurist and let them bring your vision to life.

7. French Tips, But Not Like You Remember

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French tips are making a comeback, but we’re not going back to 2005 (we promise). These revamped classics feature colored tips to showcase your personality in its purest form. Add swirls, shapes, or mismatched colors if you’re feeling a bit extra.

8. Retro Swirls

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Looking for the perfect summer throwback? We can’t get over these retro-colored swirls. They’re the perfect statement design to accompany you wherever you go this summer.

9. A Summery Pop of Color

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If designs and tips aren’t really your thing, you can’t go wrong with one of summer 2022’s hottest nail colors. Whether you choose a bright orange, a hot pink, or an electric blue, your nails will perfectly match your vacation vibe.

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